Top 8 IDEs for Django

Best IDE For Django and 7 Code Editors That You Will Love

Django is an open-source, robust framework that gives freedom to developers. Some people use IDEs that are not even built for Python and Django development resulting in unproductivity.

This post will discuss the best IDE for Django and seven more code editors or IDEs for Django that will help you increase your productivity while developing in Django.

Why is an IDE Important?

An IDE (Integrated Development Environment) consists of all the development tools that you need, such as a compiler, terminal, debugger, and interpreter.

Using an IDE is important because it increases productivity and saves a lot of time.

Why Use An IDE?
Why Use an IDE?

Best IDE For Django and 7 Code Editors

Now, you know the importance of an IDE for development, so let’s get straight into our top picks.

1. PyCharm

PyCharm is an IDE developed by JetBrains specifically for Python development. It’s commonly used for Python application development.

The reason for PyCharm being number one is its built-in features for Python development such as Code Lint, Unit Testing, and an in-built debugger. Many programmers consider it to be the best IDE for Django and Python because of its features discussed below.

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Features of PyCharm

Good For Python: PyCharm is designed primarily for the Python programming language; therefore it includes some extra capabilities for Python.

Built-In Terminal: PyCharm also includes a built-in terminal that makes it simple to run commands.

Built-In Debugger: PyCharm also comes with a built-in debugger and it makes debugging easy.

Code Snippet: PyCharm provides a code snippet (recommends a function or method to use) whenever you write a word. It makes it faster to code in PyCharm.

Reasons PyCharm is on This List

  • Cross-platform, and you can run it on all operating systems.
  • Integrates well with command shell programs and Python console.
  • Easy to use.

You may download PyCharm from here

PyCharm Interface Screen Shot (IDE for Django)
PyCharm Interface (Source: JetBrains)

2. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code or commonly known as VS Code is one of the powerful IDEs for development in Django. It’s also considered to be the most productive and user-friendly IDE.

The reason VS Code is so popular and powerful is that it has a huge extensions marketplace that includes tons of free-to-use extensions furthermore, it’s developed and maintained by Microsoft.

To improve productivity, and fix mistakes in your Django code, install the VS Code Django extension.

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Features of Visual Studio Code

A plethora of Extensions: Visual Studio Code has a variety of free extensions for several languages that can help you boost your productivity.

Multiple Language Support: Visual Studio Code supports a variety of programming languages, including Python, C++, PHP, and others.

In-built Terminal: Visual Studio Code has a built-in terminal that allows you to run commands without having to open another terminal window.

Multi Cursor: In Visual Studio Code you can have multiple cursors and write the same thing on multiple lines and places in your code. You can use multiple cursors by pressing Alt + Left Click.

Popular: Despite this, Visual Studio Code remains the most popular IDE.

Reasons Visual Studio Code is on This List

  • It’s very lightweight because it consumes very little RAM and CPU.
  • Open-source and everyone can contribute to the community and customize the software.
  • Easy to use and has many features.

You may get VS Code from here

Visual Studio Code Screen Shot
Visual Studio Code Interface

3. PyDev

PyDev is a Python plugin for Eclipse, which can also be used to develop a Django project. It allows the user to use Eclipse as a Python IDE.

The reason PyDev is among the best IDEs is that it’s developed specifically for Python, including its libraries and frameworks like Django and Flask. It’s also one of the best IDE for Django.

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Features of PyDev

Auto-code completion: PyDev provides auto-complete, auto-import, and auto-refactoring features which help you to write code fast.

Integration with Django: The terminal of PyDev makes it very handy to install and use Django.

Powerful debugger: PyDev comes with a pre-built debugger which makes debugging very easy and time-effective.

Reasons PyDev is on This List

  • Free.
  • Good for Python and Django because it has easy compatibility for them.
  • Easy to use.

You may download PyDev from here

PyDev Screen Shot
PyDev Interface

4. Atom

Atom is also one of the best IDEs for Django. It’s open-source, free, and strong, with support for many plug-ins built-in for Django development.

Atom’s source code is publicly available on GitHub. It’s developed and maintained by GitHub.

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Features of Atom

Customizable: As previously said, Atom is open-source software that may be customized to meet your specific requirements.

Beautiful UI: The interface of Atom is more beautiful than any other IDE.

Reasons Atom is on This List

  • Open-source.
  • Easy to learn and use.
  • Free.

You may download Atom from here Download Atom.

Atom Screen Shot
Atom Interface

5. Sublime Text

Sublime is a premium text editor, but you may try it for free for a limited period. It was created by Jon Skinner, a programmer. Sublime HQ Pty Ltd owns and maintains this IDE. Sublime may also be used as a regular text editor rather than an IDE.

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Features of Sublime Text

Auto-Complete: Sublime Text includes a fantastic function called auto-completion, which allows you to write code quicker and with fewer errors.

Multi-language Support: Sublime Text supports several languages, allowing you to develop in multiple languages.

Reasons Sublime Text is on This List

  • Easy to use and easy navigation.
  • Better performance.
  • Customizable because it’s open-source and you can easily customize it by changing the code.
  • Supports split editing.

You may download Sublime Text from here Download – Sublime Text.

Sublime Text Screen Shot
Sublime Text Interface

6. Notepad++

NotePad++ is a free, open-source integrated development environment (IDE) that supports programming in a variety of languages, including C/C++. It also offers tools for code completion and project management. NotePad++ is a text editor that is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

It was developed and maintained by a developer named Don Ho.

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Features of Nodepad++

Lightweight: Notepad++ is a relatively lightweight IDE, which explains why it runs so smoothly.

Huge Language Support: Many languages are supported by Notepad++. It is compatible with nearly 50 programming languages.

You can download Notepad++ using its source code.

Reasons Notepad++ is on This List

  • Very easy to use.
  • Extremely faster than any other IDE.

You may download Notepad++ from here

Notepad++ Screen Shot
Notepad++ Interface

7. Spyder

Spyder is another free, open-source, and very powerful IDE mostly used to develop Python apps. It’s also a fine IDE for Django development.

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Features of Spyder

Syntax highlighting: Whenever you write a keyword or declare a variable in Spyder, it highlights it in different colors, which improves the programming experience.

Beautiful Interface: Spyder comes with a very beautiful UI (User Interface).

Reasons Spyder is on This List

  • Free to use.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Easy to use with Django.

You may download Spyder from here Spyder IDE.

Spyder IDE Screen Shot
Spyder Interface


IDLE (Integrated Development and Learning Environment) is another best IDE for Python. It has been bundled with implementing Python by default. It’s completely written in Python for Python development.

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Features of IDLE

Cross-platform: IDLE is cross-platform like any other IDE for Django. You can use it on all operating systems including Linux.

Interactive interpreter: IDLE comes with an interactive interpreter with colorizing code input, output, and error messages.

Reasons IDLE is on This List

  • Good IDE for Django development specifically.
  • Many built-in features like Python colorizing, smart indent, call tips, and auto-completion

You may download IDLE from here

IDLE Screen Shot
IDLE Interface


Django is a Python web development framework used by several famous companies. You need to choose the best IDE for you.

Now that you’ve had a look at the list of the best IDEs for Django development, it depends on you which IDE you want to use. Because everyone has their preferences and tastes.

But keep in mind that any IDE you choose should be fast and has special features of Python and Django development.

What do you think which IDE for Django is best? Let us know in the comments.

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