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Transparent App Icons: A Guide for Designing Engaging and Modern Apps

Make your app icons stand out from the rest with iOS 14’s transparent app icon feature! No more dull or generic designs; make your app icons unique and eye-catching by using transparent overlays to add a unique style to your home screen!

Quick Summary

  Transparent App Icons Design: How to Create Engaging, Modern Apps

Designing engaging and modern apps with a transparent app icon can be a simple task with iOS 14. Here are a few steps to make your app icons transparent : 1. Open the Shortcuts application from the home screen 2. Select the ‘+’ icon on the top right corner 3. Click on ‘Add Action’ and a text box will come up. Search for ‘Open App’ 4. Select ‘Open App’ and then ‘Choose’ to pick the application whose icon you want to change. 5. Tap and hold the app icon, select ‘Edit’, and then tap the ‘Get Info’ icon 6. Enable the option ‘Prefer original game icon’ and then select ‘Done’. 7. You can now see the original transparent app icon on your device. Designing transparent icons is a key part of making a modern, engaging app. Use iOS 14 to simplify the process and gain attention to your app, helping your users to recognize relevant apps.

Transparent App Icons Design: How to Create Engaging, Modern Apps

Having transparent app icons has become a trend in modern app design due to their eye-catching look and potential for creativity. With the recent release of iOS 14, creative app designers have the perfect opportunity to create unique and engaging experiences for users. Here’s a step-by-step guide to designing and customizing transparent app icons on iOS 14:

Step-by-Step Guide to Create Transparent App Icons

  • Open the Shortcuts application from the home screen.
  • Select the ‘+’ icon on the top right corner.
  • Click on ‘Add Action’.
  • A text field will come up, search for ‘Open App’.
  • Tap on ‘Open App’.
  • Now tap on ‘Choose’.
  • Using the search bar, choose the application whose icon you want to customize.
  • Designing for Engagement

    A great feature of transparent app icons is that they can be easily customized with unique imagery and objects. This not only enhances the overall design, but also allows you to create engaging experiences that make users more likely to open and use your app. For example, you could use a picture of a car, a cartoon character, or even a 3D model to make your icon stand out. Incorporating local features in your icon such as landmarks and attractions is also a great way to create a personalized user experience.

    Modern App Design

    With transparent app icons, the possibilities for modern app design are endless. Depending on your target audience and brand image, you can use multiple colors and textures to create engaging and professional designs. Additionally, incorporating symbolism and semiotics into your icon design can help create an emotional connection between your app and users. If your app is related to sports or entertainment, you can use sports logos or movie posters to make your icon stand out from the rest.


    Designing transparent app icons for iOS 14 is an exciting and creative opportunity for app developers. By incorporating modern icon design techniques such as unique imagery and personalization into your design, you can create an engaging experience for your users. So go ahead and start designing the perfect transparent app icon for your brand.

    Personal Experience

    Can you have transparent app icons iPhone?

    If you’re looking for a creative way to customize your iOS 14 device, consider making transparent app icons. I’m no coding expert, but I recently figured out how to make this look work on my own. To start, open the Shortcuts application from your home screen. Once it’s open, click the ‘+’ icon on the top right corner. Tap Add Action and search for Open App. Once you select this action, you can pick from any apps on your device to customize. From there, you can create custom icons that don’t even feature the original app logo. Making transparent cell icons adds a personal touch to your device and makes it stand out! With these helpful instructions, you can enjoy this design change too.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can you have transparent app icons iPhone?

    Yes, you can have transparent app icons on your iPhone with iOS 14 or later. Transparent app icons are a great way to customize your Home Screen and make it look unique. To set up transparent app icons, all you need to do is set the icon against the background wallpaper and it will look like it’s transparent.

    What is the transparent icon on iPhone?

    Transparent icons are icons on the iPhone which are created to align exactly with the iPhone wallpaper background. These icons can be used as shortcuts or bookmarks on the Home Screen to provide unique layouts, custom spacing, and aesthetically pleasing designs. In effect, Transparent App Icons automatically creates images which are tailored to the user’s Home Screen preferences.

    How do I remove app labels from iOS 16?

    To remove app labels from iOS 16, go to Settings > General > Accessibility. Under VISION, you’ll find a toggle for On/Off Labels to turn off labels for iOS apps. Turning off labels will remove app labels from iOS 16 home screens.

    Final Thoughts

    Creating transparent app icons with iOS 14 unlocks a range of creative possibilities, allowing designers to create engaging, modern apps with a unique, personal touch. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can quickly and easily take advantage of the latest features in iOS 14 to craft beautiful and eye-catching transparent app icons.


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