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Turo vs Getaround: Comparing Rental Car Platforms for 2023

Are you wondering which service is best for car owners, Getaround or Turo? Explore the pros and cons of both with a closer look at the popular Turo versus Getaround comparison.

Quick Summary

  Turo vs Getaround: Comparing 2021 Rental Car Platforms for the Best Experience.

When comparing Getaround and Turo in 2023, it’s important to consider pricing, availability, and customer service. Getaround allows car owners to rent their own vehicles, but their services come with a higher price tag. On the other hand, Turo allows car owners to rent their vehicles for less than the cost of a regular rental car. However, unlike Getaround, Turo does not provide insurance for travelers.

With Getaround, you can easily access rented cars from around the world in more than 500 cities. The app also integrates with most major rental companies, so you can get access to cars from these companies as well. There is also the Getaround Connect feature, which allows renters to lock and unlock the car remotely. As for customer service, Getaround offers 24/7 support via email, phone, and chat.

Turo, on the other hand, allows car owners to rent out their privately owned vehicles for a fee. It offers a wide selection of vehicles in hundreds of cities, so you are sure to find a vehicle that meets your needs. Turo also provides insurance coverage for renters, which is a great benefit. The biggest difference between Getaround and Turo is that Turo provides a more personal experience, with renters able to contact owners directly if they have any questions or issues.

When deciding between Getaround and Turo in 2023, your best bet is to compare the overall prices, availability, and customer service offerings. Getaround is a great option if you’re looking for a more traditional rental car experience, with extra features like remote locking and insurance coverage. Turo, on the other hand, provides a more personal experience, with direct contact with the vehicle’s owners, and insurance coverage included. Ultimately, the decision is up to you.

Turo vs Getaround: Comparing 2021 Rental Car Platforms for the Best Experience

Are you looking for a car rental platform and trying to decide between Turo or Getaround? In this article, we will compare and contrast these two platforms on their features, prices, and user experiences to help you make the most informed choice.

Fees and Pricing

One of the key differences between Getaround and Turo is their pricing and fees. In general, Turo charges rentals per day and often discounts longer term rental offers. On the other hand, Getaround charges by the hour and doesn’t offer discounts for longterm rentals.

  • Turo: Charges per day, discounts available for long-term rentals
  • Getaround: Charges per hour, no discounts available for long-term rentals


Both Getaround and Turo offer features to make the rental process easier for both the renter and the owner. While many of their features overlap, Getaround does provide some additional features, like the ability to drop off the vehicle at the end of the rental.

  • Turo: Rental details page, messaging, rental agreement, and insurance coverage.
  • Getaround: Same features as Turo, plus drop-off options.

User Experience

The user experience with both platforms is quite similar, and both platforms offer an intuitive interface. However, Getaround tends to have an easier onboarding process than Turo, making it a popular choice for newcomers to the car sharing industry.

  • Turo: Intuitive user interface, more detailed rental process.
  • Getaround: Simple user interface, onboarding process is easier than Turo.


Overall, both Getaround and Turo offer convenient and competitive car rental solutions. When choosing one or the other, it’s important to consider your overall budget and preferred features. Consider the fees, price and features of both platforms to make the best decision for your needs.

Personal Experience


Comparing Getaround vs. Turo for car owners is an interesting question as both offer a great deal of benefits, depending on your needs. On one hand, Getaround is great for someone looking for a car rental service with a large network and selection of cars, offering daily, weekly and monthly rentals. Their pricing structure is quite favorable, and they typically offer discounts, especially if you book in advance. On the other hand, Turo is ideal for someone looking to rent out their own car and become a car owner. They have a large search engine that quickly finds nearby cars and offer flexible payment options, such as lump sum or daily. Furthermore, Turo also offers insurance coverage and roadside assistance during rentals. Overall, both Getaround and Turo offer great services, but the choice ultimately depends on what you are looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s better Getaround or Turo?

Neither Getaround nor Turo is necessarily better than the other; it depends on the individual’s needs. Getaround offers cars at more locations, while Turo offers more variety of cars including classic cars. Ultimately, the best choice will depend on the user’s unique need for vehicle type and availability.

Is Turo and Getaround the same?

No, Turo and Getaround are not the same. Both services operate in the car-sharing space, but offer different features and services. Turo offers car owners the opportunity to rent out their vehicles, while Getaround provides peer-to-peer car-sharing, allowing users to rent from car owners directly. Both services offer unique benefits and features, so it’s important to compare them and decide which one best fits your needs.

Why do people choose Turo?

People choose Turo because it provides an online platform to search and book cars from local car owners. Its user-friendly interface allows travelers to quickly compare car rental prices and choose their perfect car. Additionally, guests can enjoy significant savings on car rental costs, as rentals priced by car owners are often much lower than those of traditional rental companies.

Do most people make money on Turo?

Yes, many people make money on Turo. According to Turo, the average Turo host makes around $1,000 per month. This provides a great opportunity to offset the costs of car ownership, including car payments, insurance, and parking fees. With the right strategy, many drivers have been able to turn a profit through Turo.

What is the best car rental platform?

The best car rental platform is one that provides the best value for money and offers top-notch customer service. Rentalcars.com is the highest-rated car rental booking platform by customers, offering a variety of rentals from over 60,000 locations worldwide with deals on luxury and budget vehicles. They also search over 900 leading car rental suppliers to bring you fantastic deals, so that you can find the perfect car with the right price.

What else is like Turo?

Other popular car rental alternative companies similar to Turo are Getaround, Zipcar, and Car2Go. Getaround is a peer-to-peer car sharing platform that allows individuals to rent out their cars to people in their local community. Zipcar is a car-sharing network that allows individuals and businesses to rent cars by the hour or day. Finally, Car2Go is a car-sharing service that allows users to rent cars by the minute, hour or day. All three of these companies provide an affordable, convenient and secure solution to renting cars.

Who are the major players in car rental industry?

The major players in the car rental industry are Avis Budget Group Inc., Sixt, Hertz Corp., Enterprise Holdings Inc., and Europcar Group. These companies are the top providers of rental cars, accounting for the majority of the market share and offering a range of services including vehicle rental, rental assistance, and rental coverage. These companies are known for their competitive prices and quality customer service, allowing them to maintain their position as the leading providers in the industry.

What is Turo platform?

Turo is a car sharing platform that allows users to book a car from a reliable, trusted community of hosts across the US, Canada, and the UK. With Turo, you can find the perfect car for your trip, tailored to your style and budget. Turo promises the best car rental experience, with 24/7 support and insurance included with every rental.

What is the difference between Turo and Getaround?

The main difference between Turo and Getaround is the type of cars offered. Turo has a host of classic and exotic cars available for rent, while Getaround mainly offers newer models from popular car brands. Additionally, Turo has more flexible rental terms, allowing for shorter and longer rental periods. Finally, Getaround has the advantage of allowing for the rental of vehicles from a greater number of locations.

Can I ask a Turo host a question?

Yes, you can ask a Turo host a question. Turo allows you to contact the host and communicate directly with them before booking a trip. All messages sent via the website or app are encrypted and private, so you can ask a question with confidence. Be sure to check the host’s profile and ratings before sending any messages.

Is it worth being a host on Turo?

Yes, it is definitely worth being a host on Turo! With an average yearly income of $10,516 per car, Turo provides an excellent opportunity for hosts to supplement their existing income or run the platform as a full-time job. Customers benefit from a wide variety of cars, from luxury to economy, and hosts have ultimate control and flexibility in their hosting experience.

Is Turo a good deal?

Yes, Turo can be a great deal for those looking for a car rental. It allows car owners to rent out their vehicles at a competitive price. By utilizing Turo’s customizable features, users can easily find options that meet their needs and budget. Additionally, the platform can be beneficial during times when rental car prices are inflated or availability is limited.

Is Turo a reliable company?

Yes, Turo is a reliable company. With a world-class team dedicated to providing outstanding customer service, Turo provides reliable and safe rentals to its customers. Turo’s 24/7 phone support offers timely assistance for common issues and their comprehensive insurance package ensures that users are never left stranded. With these advantages, customers can rest assured that their rental experience with Turo will be a reliable one.

Is Turo a good option?

Yes, Turo is an excellent option for peer-to-peer car sharing. It is the world’s largest and most trusted car sharing marketplace, giving users access to vehicles in over 4,700 cities around the world. With its long history of providing reliable and secure service, you can trust that Turo will provide a safe and enjoyable rental experience.

Is Turo a good investment?

Yes, Turo can be a good investment for those looking to earn a passive income. According to our research, some of the top performing models on Turo can earn over double their estimated loan payments on average. Turo is particularly attractive for those looking for an economical investment, as the most profitable model to share on Turo was a Fiat 500. Ultimately, joining Turo can be a lucrative way to earn a passive income.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, both Turo and Getaround offer great opportunities for car owners looking to rent out their vehicles in 2023. Whether you’re looking to make extra money, have greater access to cars, or just try something new, either one of these companies can provide you with great service. When comparing Turo vs Getaround, Turo seems to have more benefits, like better pricing to owners, more convenient terms, and a larger market. Ultimately, it’s up to the individual to decide which platform works best for them.


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