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Increase Your Instagram Engagement: How to View IG Highlights

Are you looking for a way to view Instagram highlights without needing to sift through every post? Discover how to quickly and easily view Instagram highlights with just a few simple clicks!

Quick Summary

  Boost Instagram Engagement: How to View IG Highlights

Gaining more engagement on Instagram is key to increasing visibility on the platform. To get started, you’ll need to get creative and take advantage of Instagram Highlight. This feature allows users to create collections of Stories that appear in their profile.

If you’re wondering how to view Instagram Highlights, it’s easy! Head to the profile of the creator of the Highlight, and you’ll see the little circles just under their bio. Click on the desired Highlight and all the stories will appear entwined in one circle.

You may also be able to view Highlights if a user has tagged you in a Story. If this is the case, Stories you’re mentioned in appear in a Highlight called “mentioned” on the user’s profile.

Highlights are a great way to make sure that your Stories remain visible on your profile for longer. It’s a great way to engage with your followers and make sure your content doesn’t disappear from your profile after 24 hours.

Boost Instagram Engagement: How to View IG Highlights

Instagram Highlights is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to engaging your audience. It’s a way for users to share their favorite moments from stories and keep them visible for longer amounts of time. But, how can you see them? Keep reading to learn the steps to view Instagram highlights.

Steps for Viewing IG Highlights

  • Tap on a user’s profile page. To get started, tap on the profile page of a user who has Instagram Highlights set up. Doing so will take you to their profile where you can take a look at some of their best posts.
  • Look for the Highlights icon. At the bottom of the profile page, you will see a row of bubbles with different shapes and colors. This is the Highlights icon, which indicates that the user has posts saved as Highlights.
  • Tap on the Highlights icon. When you tap on the Highlights icon, you’ll be taken to a page with all of the user’s Instagram Highlights. This is where you can view their curated posts.
  • Benefits of Viewing IG Highlights

    Viewing Instagram Highlights can benefit your business in many ways. With Highlights, you can:

    • Highlight top-performing stories
    • Showcase your products or services
    • Improve brand recognition
    • Drive more followers to your profile
    • Engage with current followers

    Things to Keep in Mind When Viewing IG Highlights

    It’s important to consider a few things when you’re viewing Instagram Highlights. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

    • Only select the best posts to feature in Highlights. This will ensure that the posts you share will have the most impact.
    • Be strategic about the order in which you post your Highlights. It’s recommended to post highlights in chronological order so that new followers are able to see your older highlights first.
    • Keep your Highlights clean and organized. Try to stick to a specific theme with your Highlights so that they’re easy to navigate.

    Personal Experience

    Can someone know I viewed their Instagram highlights?

    Viewing Instagram Highlights can be really rewarding and satisfying experience. For starters, it offers a great way to capture special moments that go along with someone’s life – from the routine daily activities to once-in-a-lifetime experience. Through highlighting these little moments, we can not only keep track of our past memories but also share them with our friends and family.

    Anigram is an intuitive tool that helps in creating and customizing Instagram Highlights Covers. With its ample range of design templates, fonts and icons, Anigram is the perfect starting point for designing creative and cohesive Instagram Highlight Covers. The user has the option of customizing the covers using text, shapes and color combinations in order to create unique visuals.

    After you have created the highlight cover, you can post the highlights to Instagram, share them on other platforms or even print them out. Since Instagram Highlights retain your post’s content, it can provide you with extra exposure and help to improve your branding. It is an effective way of boosting engagement with your followers as it allows you to curate content and maintain interest.

    Overall, viewing Instagram Highlights is a great way to capture and share special moments with others. With the help of intuitive tools like Anigram, creating customised highlight covers can be a breeze. Lastly, using Highlights can help achieve better exposure and engagement with your followers, resulting in improved branding opportunities.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can someone know I viewed their Instagram highlights?

    Yes, someone can know if you have viewed their Instagram Highlights. By tapping on the ‘Seen by’ button, the user can view who has seen the highlight. The user will then be able to identify who has viewed the content. Additionally, Instagram sends a notification to the user when someone views a highlight, allowing them to know who has seen it.

    Can you view someone’s Instagram highlights without them knowing?

    No, you cannot view someone’s Instagram highlights without them knowing. This is because Instagram notifies the account holder when someone views their highlight, so it is not possible to view someone’s Instagram highlights without them being made aware of it. Thus, viewing someone’s Instagram highlights without their knowledge is not possible.

    Do watching story highlights show viewers?

    Yes, viewers can be seen when watching an Instagram Story Highlight. Viewers will show up on a viewer list, including the number of times they have watched the story. However, this data can only be seen for 48 hours before it is lost.

    Can you see who views your Instagram highlights if they don’t follow you?

    No, you cannot see who views your Instagram highlights if they do not follow you. If the person viewing your highlight does follow you, then you can view their profile by going to the list of people who have seen the post. However, if the person does not follow you, then you will not be able to determine who has seen your post.

    Final Thoughts

    Increasing your Instagram engagement can be a time consuming task, but the benefits of taking the time to ensure its success are worth it. By viewing highlights, utilizing analytics, creating captivating posts and themes, staying active, and engaging with followers, you will be able to achieve greater engagement and grow a larger audience. Just remember, it’s all about capturing your viewer’s attention and maintaining your presence on Instagram.


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