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Websites Similar to Wattpad – Top Alternatives for Readers and Writers

If you love to read and write, then you should check out websites like Wattpad. With Wattpad, you can have access to one of the world’s largest online community of readers and writers, where you can both publish and discover original stories. Whether you’re looking for a new hobby or just want to spend some time with like-minded individuals, Wattpad and similar websites can offer a great variety of stories to enjoy and share.

Quick Summary

  Top Websites Like Wattpad for Writers and Readers

If you love Wattpad for reading and writing stories, there are plenty of other websites that provide similar features and a unique experience. Here are some of the top alternatives to Wattpad for readers and writers. is a great platform to find creative writing talent. It’s like a virtual creative writing space, where writers from across the globe can get together and form a powerful network. It has a vibrant and welcoming community that rewards users for their contribution with publishing opportunities. Plus it also has a blogroll full of awesome and educative articles for users to explore.


FicFun is another popular fiction-based site that offers the community entertainment and creative experiences. You can read creative works from other authors from all around the world or upload and share your own work. There’s an interactive ‘Recommend’ section where each work chosen is featured and can be read by all. The Readers Club offers weekly competitions and exclusive discounts to crowd-favourite authors.


Taleist is a great networking platform for fiction writers and literary agents. It allows authors to showcase their work to a wide range of connections and experts in the industry. There are lots of helpful features, like the ones to create marketing materials and gain industry visibility. It’s free to join and become a member, so understanding the industry landscape is much easier.

Top Websites Like Wattpad for Writers and Readers

Are you searching for popular websites like Wattpad? There are many websites where readers and writers can come together and share their stories with the world. This article is about the top websites like Wattpad for writers and readers.


Scribophile is a popular online writing and workshop site. Writers can post their work online and receive feedback from other writers in the community. It’s an excellent site for writers who are looking for an online writing group or workshop.


Figment is a great site for both readers and writers. It features a wide variety of stories, written and edited by its members. Members can also comment on stories and have discussions with the authors. Figment is perfect for those who want to share their work with a larger audience.


This is the mother of all writing sites, and it’s where many avid readers and writers find their first home. It features many genres, including romance, fantasy, horror, mystery, science fiction, poetry, and more. Wattpad is perfect for those who want to write their stories and find out what people think about them.


FictionPress is an online platform for authors to post their work and receive feedback from other authors. It is a great site for aspiring authors who want to get their work out there and receive feedback from other writers. FictionPress also allows authors to sell their work, which makes it a great option for aspiring authors who want to make money from their stories.


WriteOn is a writing community for readers and writers to share their stories. It offers an editor to help writers refine their work, as well as forums and groups for authors to discuss their stories and receive feedback from other writers. Writers can also post stories for free, as well as post stories for sale.

Inkyard Press

Inkyard Press is a great platform for writers and readers to connect. It allows writers to publish their works and readers to read works by published authors across all genres. Inkyard Press also has an active forum for readers and writers to share their thoughts and opinions.


Storybird is a great site for writers and readers to connect. It allows writers to post their stories and receive feedback from other writers. It also features collections of stories that readers can purchase and read. Storybird is a great way for writers and readers to discover new works and get feedback on their writing.

Author Portal

Author Portal is a great site for writers and readers to come together and collaborate on projects. Writers can post their work, receive feedback, and collaborate on projects with other writers. It also allows readers to search for new authors and books, as well as purchase books online.

Personal Experience

What are other websites like Wattpad?

I have had a lot of personal experience with websites like Wattpad. I have written and published stories, interacted with other users, and read stories from a variety of genres. It has been an incredibly rewarding experience for me as an author and for other readers who can connect to stories that resonate with their own lives. As a website, Wattpad is incredibly easy to use, with an easy-to-navigate user interface that makes it easy to search for and select stories you want to read. In addition to the vast library of stories from different genres, the website also offers various tools to help writers craft and refine their stories. As a writer, I found the in-site features very useful as they allowed me to track my progress and make changes if needed. Not only did they provide useful feedback, but they also helped me sharpen my storytelling skills.

Wattpad has been an amazing tool for discovering and writing stories. Whether you’re an avid reader or someone looking to get into creative writing, the website is a great way to explore your creativity. With a large community of users, it’s easy to find a diverse range of stories and share your own creations with other readers. Additionally, the website offers a range of features that make it easy to craft stories and track your progress. Through my experience with Wattpad, I discovered my love for writing and connected with a passionate and supportive community of readers and writers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are other websites like Wattpad?

Other websites like Wattpad include Penana and Sweek. Penana is a diverse platform that offers a variety of genres and subgenres, while Sweek is a platform that caters specifically to authors and is focused on storytelling and content creation tools. Both websites offer a platform for aspiring authors to share their writing, connect with other authors, and receive feedback on their work.

Is there a better site than Wattpad?

Yes, there are better sites than Wattpad. Belletristica is a fantastic, free alternative that provides library quality writing resources and features. Other great sites include Miraquill, Penana, and Your Quote, all of which offer unique features to help authors create and share their work.

Which app is better than Wattpad?

Inkitt is a great app that provides a great alternative to reading on Wattpad. Inkitt offers users an expansive library of over 500,000 novels to read on the go, available on both Android and iOS devices. Inkitt also features a lively community of writers and readers for open feedback and discussion. With its easy-to-use interface and user-friendly design, Inkitt is the perfect choice for readers who want a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Which is better Wattpad or inkitt?

Both Wattpad and inkitt have their own advantages and benefits. Wattpad is a much larger platform with a large user base, offering authors exposure to a wider audience and more readers. On the other hand, inkitt gives authors more monetization opportunities and better reviews. Ultimately, the choice of which platform is best depends on the author’s individual needs.

How do you tap on Wattpad?

Answer: Tap on Wattpad to discover a wide variety of stories and connect with storytellers around the world! To tap on Wattpad, simply download the Tap by Wattpad app and create a user profile. From there, you can explore a library of stories, follow authors and interact with the community. Tap on Wattpad today and start exploring!

What is the most read thing on Wattpad?

The most read thing on Wattpad is stories. Everyday, millions of people around the world read, share and discover stories on Wattpad. Created by authors of all ages, these stories range from popular genres like fiction and romance, to fanfic and non-fiction. It’s an amazing way to read and share new stories, and to get lost in a world of make-believe.

What is not allowed on Wattpad?

Not allowed on Wattpad are any behaviors that put a user at personal risk or reveal personal identifying information without consent, such as sharing an image, name, address, email address, phone number or private Wattpad messages. Wattpad has a strict privacy policy in place to ensure the safety of its users and any violation of these terms and conditions can result in account termination. To protect yourself, it is important to be aware of your personal information, who you trust online and what you post online.

What is the most popular fanfiction on Wattpad?

The most popular fanfiction on Wattpad is ‘After’, by Anna Todd. It was originally published online on Wattpad and then later printed into a five novel series, becoming one of the best-selling books of 2014. It has since accumulated over 28.6 million reads, 596k votes and 94 comments. It follows the story of Hardin and Tessa, two people from very different backgrounds who struggle to make their relationship work.

What are some websites that are like Quotev? is a website for creating, sharing, and discovering stories. Some websites like Quotev include,,, and These websites offer similar opportunities to create and share stories and even interact with other users who are also creating and reading stories. All of the websites mentioned are popular options for people who like to read and write stories.

What can I use instead of Wattpad?

For an alternative to Wattpad, users can explore Penana and Sweek. Both of these platforms offer a diverse selection of genres and subgenres for readers and writers to explore. Additionally, Penana and Sweek provide interactive social elements such as forums, comments, likes, and other helpful feedback tools to help writers grow their stories and potentially reach larger audiences.

Is wattpad only for fanfiction?

No, Wattpad is not only for fanfiction. It is a platform for user-generated stories, and allows users to upload both original stories and fanfiction. Besides fanfiction, users can also write serialized stories, novels, poems, and more.

What was Quotev?

Quotev is an online platform that was founded in 2008. It enables its users to create and share stories, quizzes, surveys and polls. With over 1.72 million stories and 1.50 million quizzes, Quotev offers a highly creative and interactive space for anyone interested in writing or sharing content.

Final Thoughts

For readers and writers that are looking for a website alternative to Wattpad, there are many great alternative websites out there to choose from. These websites range from dedicated story-sharing sites, to social media sites and even writing tools to help make the writing process smoother. Whether you are looking for a website to share your own stories or a powerful software tool to improve your writing style, there are plenty of choices out there. With so many great resources, any writer can have plenty of creative outlets available to them to express their work and reach a larger audience.


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