what are app icon badges

What Are App Icon Badges?

Have you ever noticed the small red number that shows up on top of your app’s icon? These app icon badges provide a convenient way to alert users about their notifications, updates, and more. Learn what app icon badges can do, and how you can use them to increase engagement with your application.

Quick Summary

  Unveiling the Mysteries of App Icon Badges

App icon badges are small notification icons that appear on an app icon on a smartphone. They are typically used to notify users that there is new activity related to the app. For example, a badge may indicate that a new email has been received, or that an important update is available for the app. App icon badges can be highly useful for alerting users to new content and updates so that they don’t miss important information.

App badges are fairly easy to use. On iOS devices, they are turned on by default and users can usually customize how they appear. On Android devices, they need to be enabled on a case-by-case basis by going into the app’s settings menu. Once activated, users will be able to see the number of unread messages, notifications, or other alerts linked to the app at a glance.

Unveiling the Mysteries of App Icon Badges

With the influx of technology advancements, users no longer have to constrain their minds only to text messages, emails or even conventional call or messaging apps. Instead, users can now be kept up-to-date with what’s going on in their lives through notifications, story updates, and app icon badges. So, what exactly are app icon badges?

What are App Icon Badges?

App icon badges, also known as count icons or unread notifications, are small symbols or colourful sections of the application icon that alert users to changes within the app. They work through a number of different methods depending on the app, but most of the time, the number of notifications is accompanied by a small animation and possibly a sound.

Why They Are Important

App icon badges are incredibly important to the mobile experience because they tell users what is going on inside their apps. They are useful for users who don’t have unlimited access to the internet, as they can read the notifications and decide if they want to open or delete the message or update. Additionally, they can keep users updated on important events, like when a new item is released or a friend’s birthday.

Badges can also help keep users motivated to interact with their apps. Most apps are updated on a regular basis, but the constant influx of notifications can be overwhelming. App icon badges help users to easily differentiate between important and insignificant events, allowing them to stay up to date without feeling inundated.

Examples of App Icon Badges

App icon badges come in many shapes and sizes, depending on the app and its functionality. Some of the most common badges are:

  • Number of New Messages or Notifications
  • Progress Indicators
  • Messages or Alerts
  • Time or Date Reminders
  • Status Indicators

In some cases, badge icons can even act as a unique identifier of an app. For instance, Uber has a unique badge icon that lets users know they are using the app to call a ride. Similarly, Facebook uses a blue badge icon to let users know if there are any pending notifications in the app. It’s easy to spot these badges in app stores, as some apps have them in a prominent part of their listings.

Personal Experience

What do app badges tell you?

A badge or icon, is an indicator that is often used to communicate specific pieces of information in mobile applications. It is a small graphic or icon that appears inside an app that communicates important information to a user. This often includes notifications, app updates and other relevant information. The use of app icon badges is becoming increasingly popular among mobile app developers as it provides users with more information about the latest app activity, often in a more eye-catching and noticeable manner than standard app notifications.

Badges can be used to indicate a number of different things; from an incoming message, to the number of items that require attention, or the total number of items in an inbox. Additionally, as badges can include full graphical elements, they can be used to represent an event or special occasion. The aim of App icon badges is to give users more control over their app, allowing them to interact with the app more quickly and effectively.

When integrating badges into a mobile app, it’s important to ensure that they are clear, consistent and not intrusive. The location, colour and format of a badge should all be considered in terms of user experience, and the design should allow users to see the badge quickly and understand the information that it communicates. Badges should also be used in a mindful way, as too many notifications can lead to annoyance and a lack of engagement with a mobile application.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do app badges tell you?

App badges tell you that there are new notifications or messages waiting for you. The badge count indicates how many notifications are available. Badges make it easy for users to quickly identify and respond to new information as soon as it is available.

What does disabling app icon badges do?

Disabling app icon badges will prevent apps from displaying numbers or message indicators on the icon itself. This feature can be used to turn off notifications that are not important or relevant, or when the user does not want to be disturbed. By disabling badges, an app can still receive notifications, however they will not be displayed on the app’s icon.

What do badges do in messages?

Badges in messages are visual indicators that show the number of unread notifications. They help users quickly identify which messages require their attention, allowing them to stay on top of important updates and conversations. Badges may also serve as reminders to return to an app and interact with it more frequently.

What is app badging on Chromebook?

App badging on Chromebook is an API that allows installed web apps to set an application-wide badge, which is then displayed in a designated place associated with the application. The badge appears on the shelf or the home screen, providing users with important updates and notifications from their installed web apps. App badging is exclusive to Chromebook devices, allowing users to stay informed and connected to the apps they use.

What does the badge on Chrome mean?

The badge on Chrome indicates the number of unread notifications. It is located in the upper right corner of the browser, and shows the number of website notifications that have been triggered and have not been seen yet. The badge is a helpful way to stay updated with the latest information from websites.

What happens if I turn off app icon badges?

Disabling app icon badges will stop any badges that could display on the app icon along with the number of notifications. It does not affect other types of notifications, such as banners or sounds, unless those are also disabled separately. App icon badges are simply a visual way to alert users that they have new notifications.

What are badges in messages notifications?

Badges in message notifications are visual indicators that show how many unread notifications an app has. They are typically displayed as numeric counters that appear on an app’s icon in the home screen. Badges provide an additional nudge on top of the initial push message, reminding users to interact with the app.

Final Thoughts

App Icon Badges can be a helpful way for app users to stay informed about alerts, notifications, and changes to the app. They make it easier to be informed without having to constantly open the app itself. Design wise, they can be used to highlight features or specific content, providing a more meaningful and visual experience to the user. However, it is important to use App Icon Badges wisely and consider how they might be viewed by users before using them.


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