what does shortcuts mean on facebook

What Does Shortcuts Mean on Facebook? Understanding Shortcut Keys to Make Navigation Easier

Have you ever wanted an easy way to navigate Facebook faster? Shortcuts on Facebook can help you quickly access a variety of functions and options. From viewing your Home page to managing your Timeline page, discover how shortcuts can help you save time while using Facebook.

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Quick Summary

Shortcuts on Facebook are keyboard shortcuts that allow you to quickly navigate the social media platform. Most shortcuts use the ALT key and numbers on your keyboard to quickly access certain functions and options. For example, pressing ALT+1 will take you to your Home page, while ALT+2 will take you to your Timeline page. Shortcut keys make it easy to navigate around Facebook and save time when navigating the site. Knowing and using the shortcuts can help streamline your Facebook experience to find what you’re looking for faster.

Navigating Facebook Easily With Shortcut Keys: Understanding What Shortcuts Mean on Facebook

What Does Shortcuts Mean on Facebook?

Facebook shortcuts are keyboard shortcuts that allow you to quickly access certain functions and options. By using shortcut keys, you can easily move through your profile and take actions quickly without needing to use a mouse.

Most Common Facebook Shortcut Keys

Here are the most common shortcuts you can use on Facebook:

  • ALT + 1: Helps you go to your Home page on Facebook.
  • ALT + 2: This shortcut provides access to your Timeline page on Facebook.

Other Shortcut Keys You Can Use on Facebook

Other shortcuts you can use include:

  • ALT + 3: This takes you to your profile page.
  • ALT + 4: Takes you to the friend requests page.
  • ALT + 5: Takes you to the messages page.
  • ALT + 6: Takes you to your notifications page.
  • ALT + 7: Takes you to your account settings page.
  • ALT + 8: Takes you to the Facebook help page.


Shortcut keys are a convenient way to navigate Facebook quickly and easily. Using these shortcuts, you can quickly take actions and move around your profile without needing to use a mouse.

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Personal Experience

  Navigating Facebook Easily with Shortcut Keys: Understanding What Shortcuts Mean on Facebook

As someone who has used Facebook for a number of years, I often find myself scratching my head trying to remember all the shortcuts. Shortcuts on Facebook are an incredibly powerful way to quickly access a variety of functions and settings. One of the main benefits of having shortcuts is that it can save you time. For example, if you need to quickly go to your Home page, all you have to do is press ALT + 1, and you are there. Likewise, if you need to access your Timeline page, ALT + 2 will take you there in no time. This makes navigating Facebook much faster and more efficient. In conclusion, shortcuts are an indispensable tool for maximizing your Facebook experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove Facebook shortcut suggestions?

Removing Facebook shortcut suggestions is easy: open the Facebook app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. From any Facebook page, tap and hold on a navigation shortcut on the navigation bar. Lastly, tap “Turn off notification dots” or “Hide from shortcut bar” to remove the suggestion.

How does Facebook choose the people on your shortcuts?

Facebook uses a sophisticated algorithm to select the people featured on your shortcuts. The algorithm takes into account the people you interact with the most publicly, such as those who share content that is relevant to your interests. This ensures that your shortcut list is dynamic, tailored to your interests and changes each time you visit your Facebook page.

How do I remove friends from shortcuts on Facebook?

To remove friends from shortcuts on Facebook, long-press the icon of the tab you wish to remove. A pop-up menu will appear. Select the “Remove From Shortcut Bar” option and it will be removed from the bar. This process applies to Friend Requests, Watch, and Marketplace.

How do I remove Facebook Shortcuts from my computer?

To remove Facebook Shortcuts from your computer, go to Settings & Privacy > Settings. Select the Shortcuts tab, and uncheck the boxes next to the shortcuts you wish to remove. Once all shortcuts have been unchecked, save your changes to finalize the removal process.

How do I remove Shortcuts from my desktop?

To remove shortcuts from your desktop quickly and easily, simply right-click on them and select “Delete” or “Move to Trash”. Alternatively, you can also use the Delete key on your keyboard, or drag the shortcuts to the trash. No matter your choice, removing the shortcut will not delete any connected application or folder.

How does Facebook pick people for your Shortcuts?

Facebook uses an algorithm to pick people for your Shortcuts list that takes into account the people who interact most with you publicly. This algorithm changes slightly every time you visit your page, and the list of people displayed appears to be random. To ensure that the right people are included in your Shortcuts list, make sure to regularly engage with the people you would like to see there.

How do I remove Facebook Shortcuts from my Mac?

If you want to remove Facebook Shortcuts from your Mac, there are two ways you can do it. First, you can select the shortcut, choose Edit > Delete, then click Delete Shortcut. Alternatively, you can also press Command-Delete, then click Delete Shortcut. Following either of these steps will delete all Facebook Shortcuts from your Mac.

How do I add a friend request shortcut on Facebook?

To add a friend request shortcut on Facebook, go to the Menu (the hamburger icon) on the right side of the shortcut bar. Then go to Settings & Privacy > Settings, scroll down to the Preferences category, and select Shortcuts > Shortcut Bar. From there, you can add a friend request shortcut to the shortcut bar.

How does Facebook choose the people on your Shortcuts?

Facebook uses an algorithm that prioritizes people who have interacted with you recently and publicly. This algorithm utilizes the data stored on Facebook to determine which of your friends should be displayed in your Shortcuts list. The outcome of this algorithm is a tailored list of friends that is visible each time you visit your Facebook page.

Are Facebook Shortcuts personalized?

Yes, Facebook Shortcuts can be personalized. Through the Settings & privacy menu in the app, users can go to the Settings section and then tap the Shortcuts option to customize how they view their navigation bar. There they can also turn off notifications dots to suit their preferences.

Where are the shortcuts on the Facebook app?

The shortcuts on the Facebook app can be found on the shortcut bar. For Android users, the bar is located at the top of the page and for iPhone users, it is at the bottom. The shortcut bar can also be accessed on the top of the page of the Facebook website on desktop browsers.

How many shortcuts are there on Facebook?

On Facebook, there are up to five shortcuts that are displayed initially. If more than five have been created, the rest are hidden behind a blue “See More” link. When clicked, a full list of shortcuts that a user has created can be accessed. Therefore, the exact number of shortcuts depends on how many a user has created.

How do I get rid of shortcuts on Facebook?

To get rid of shortcuts on Facebook, open the Facebook app for iPhone, iPad, or Android. Then, tap and hold on a navigation shortcut on the navigation bar. Finally, tap either ‘Turn off notification dots’ or ‘Hide from shortcut bar’ to remove it.

How to know the meaning of screenshots on Facebook?

To know the meaning of symbols and screenshots on Facebook, use the shortcuts bar present at the top in Android and bottom on iOS. Alternatively, hover your mouse over them on the web. All platforms display the same information.

Final Thoughts

Facebook shortcuts are extremely useful tools to help you quickly navigate around the platform and easily access various functions and pages. With the use of keyboard shortcuts, you can save time and make your overall experience on Facebook much more efficient. It is important to be aware of the different shortcuts available to you and to understand how they can benefit you when using the social networking site.


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