what font does discord use

What Font Does Discord Use?

Are you curious about “What font does Discord use?” Look no further! From chats to branding logos, Discord comes equipped with a custom font that makes its aesthetic unique and modern. Learn all about the font Discord uses and how to use it to make your messages stand out.

Quick Summary

  What Font Does Discord Use? Learn About the Discord Font Choice

Discord’s font is called “Uni Sans Heavy”. It’s a neo-grotesque sans-serif typeface designed by Svet Simov in 2009. The font style is used by multiple companies and applications, including Discord, PlayStation Store, Hulu, Mozilla, and more. Uni Sans Heavy is a bold typeface with a striking geometry, allowing for clear and legible letters. The font features modern curves, strong straight lines, and strong diagonals, creating a unifying look. Its thick vertical lines, striking curves, and well-balanced letterforms make Uni Sans Heavy an ideal choice for powerful, attractive design projects.

Uni Sans Heavy provides a lot of customization options, like alternate characters, cases, ligatures, symbols, and numeral variants. This makes it ideal for a variety of designing purposes, from designing promotional graphics to designing logos for businesses. Additionally, Uni Sans Heavy is a web-safe font, meaning that it can be displayed correctly on web browsers without the need for downloading.

What Font Does Discord Use?

Are you curious about what font Discord uses? Well, you’re in luck. Discord’s font of choice is called “Uniform”. It is a sans serif font which is designed to be as legible and clear as possible. It also looks quite modern and stylish.

Features of Uniform

Uniform is a versatile font which offers a lot of features for web design and print work. It has a nice range of glyphs and ligatures. It has an expansive character set which makes it great for multilingual projects. In addition, the font’s characteristics make it ideal for both small and large display sizes.

Benefits of Discord Using Uniform

Using Uniform as the Discord font has several advantages. Firstly, its legibility makes it easy for users to read messages in the chat. Secondly, the font is versatile enough to fit both small display sizes and large display sizes. Thirdly, its expansive character set allows it to support multiple languages. Finally, its modern style is appealing to many users.

Alternative Fonts

If you’re not a fan of Uniform, there are a few alternative fonts which can be used as Discord fonts too. These are:

  • Montserrat
  • Roboto
  • Noto Sans
  • Merriweather
  • Source Sans Pro


In conclusion, Discord uses the Uniform font for its platform. It is a sans serif font which is designed to be as legible and clear as possible. It also looks quite modern and stylish. There are several alternative fonts which can also be used as Discord fonts, such as Montserrat, Roboto, Noto Sans, Merriweather, and Source Sans Pro.

Personal Experience

What is the font that discord users?

Discord is a popular gaming and streaming platform which allows users to communicate easily with voice and text-based messaging. One of the key features of Discord is the chat font option which users can customize according to their preferences. By default, Discord uses the Roboto font, a typeface designed by Google for use in its Android operating system.

Roboto is a sans-serif typeface which offers a sleek and modern look, perfect for use with chat applications. The font size is quite small and easy to read, even on smallest screens. It has been specifically designed for legibility and clarity on small screens, without requiring too much effort to read.

Because of its small size, Roboto may not be the most suitable option for larger displays, but it works well with most devices. Many Discord users also choose to change the default font type, as it offers a bit of personalization to the communication experience. Some of the more popular Discord fonts are Comic Sans, Arial, Open Sans, Helvetica, and Montserrat.

No matter what font you choose, Discord will always display text in a way that is optimized for users. As a highly-used platform, Discord puts a great emphasis on usability and readability. This is why users need to pick the right font in order to take full advantage of the platform’s features and enhance the overall experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the font that discord users?

The default font used in Discord is Uni Sans. It is available in a size range of 7-14 and is seen across platforms. Users can change their font by using custom CSS styling, however the default is Uni Sans.

What is discord’s new font?

Discord is introducing a new font called ‘gg sans’, which will be available to users starting December 1, 2022. This new font combines the warmth of a Sans-Serif face with the familiarity of a Grotesque font, creating an original typeface perfect for modern Discord usage. This new typeface offers clarity, legibility and readability, making it an ideal choice for Discord users.

Can you use downloaded fonts on Discord?

Yes, you can use downloaded fonts on Discord. All you need to do is use a font generator to generate the font you wish to use and copy and paste the generated text into your message. There are a variety of font generators available, which can help you find the perfect style for your message.

What is the font that Discord users?

The font used by Discord users is “Uni Sans”, created by FontFabric. It is a sans serif typeface that is optimized for use with the Discord platform and is applied by default across all platforms. Microsoft Windows and macOS both use support the font, as well as Linux and proprietary Unix systems. The default font size for “Uni Sans” is “14” with a “7” upright.

Why did Discord change the font?

Discord changed the font to ensure a consistent, modern design experience across all its platforms. This allows Discord to remain flexible and make customizations going forward, making sure users always get the best experience. The font change to gg sans enables Discord to stay up to date with evolving design trends.

How to download open sans font?

To download the Open Sans font, go to the Google Fonts website (https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Open+Sans). On the page, click on the ‘Download’ button, locate the font file, then click on the ZIP folder to unzip the font files. Copy the font files and paste them into your system’s fonts folder, and the Open Sans font will be available for use.

What was the old Discord font?

Prior to the introduction of the new ‘gg sans’ font, Discord’s default font was the classic typeface Open Sans. Open Sans was a widely used and much-loved font choice amongst Discord users, so the sudden change to ‘gg sans’ has caused a great deal of backlash. Despite the criticism, Discord has yet to offer an official option to revert back to Open Sans. However, users can get a workaround by accessing the Discord desktop application and changing their settings.

How to do special fonts in Discord?

To do special fonts in Discord, download an external font generator and copy and paste your text into the generator. Generators such as Font Warehouse or Lingo Jam lets you choose from a wide range of font types. Once you have selected the font style, the text can be copied back into the Discord message to display your desired font.

Did Discord change font 2022?

Yes, Discord plans to change its font in 2022. Starting December 1, the company will officially begin using its own custom font, gg sans, across all of its surfaces, including the mobile and desktop apps, website, and blog. Overall, this font change promises to provide a modern, more consistent look and feel to the Discord experience.

What fonts are used in Discord?

Fonts used in Discord are Uni Sans, a stylish sans serif font, and default font size is 14pt. It also includes 7pt upright font size for chats, headlines, and other features. Discord is built with various UI elements, which uses font styles and sizes to make reading and identifying text easier.

Final Thoughts

Discord uses a sans-serif typeface called “Barlow” for its branding, which has a modern and minimalist look. This font choice is a great reflection of the Discord brand and its technology, as it conveys a sense of reliability and friendliness. The use of Barlow also sets it apart from other apps, giving Discord a unique and cohesive visual identity. This unified identity offers the company a good way to communicate their story and purpose to their growing user base.


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