What is a programming language in computer

What is a Programming Language in Computer

Programming has been a very vast and successful field. In this article, you will understand that what is a programing language in a computer.

What is Programming?

The way to tell or command the computer to do a particular task is known as programming. In programming, you write a program using different languages and whatever you write in that program is then run and then done by the computer. Every software, website, etc you use in your daily life are made using programming. Computers don’t understand the languages that we speak like English, Japanese, etc they only understand specific languages which are called programming languages.

“Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.”

What is a Programming Language In a Computer?

As we have discussed above that computer only understands some specific languages. Those languages are known are programming languages. Read our other article “How to Learn a Programming Language“. Some of the most popular programming languages are as follow:

  • C
  • C++
  • Python
  • Java
  • C#

Why Should You Learn a Programming Language?

If you have an interest in computer software and you want to know that how they are made then you should definitely learn to program. After learning a programming language you will be able to make any software and even a website. You can even get a handsome salary from companies but for that, you should be an expert programmer.

“The problem with programming is not that the computer isn’t logical—the computer is terribly logical, relentlessly literal-minded.”

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A simple program

Backbone of Modern Technology

Programming is the backbone of modern technology because all the software is made using programming. Even all the big companies like Apple, Google, etc were started by programmers. You can create your own apps and software to earn money but Without programming, all this was not possible to happen.

So, we hope that this answers the question “What is a programming language in a computer?”


As programming becomes a larger part of modern technology, it’s vital that everyone has an understanding of what programming is and how it can be used but programming is also fun. Programming is important to our careers, but it also plays a crucial part in how we share in politics, how we buy effects, and how we stay in touch with one another.

Learning to law is an instigative trip. Whether your thing is to make a mobile app, search a database, or program a robot, rendering is a skill that will take you far in life. Just remember — computers are tools. While learning the program may originally be frustrating, if you choose to stick with it, you’ll be suitable to make some brilliant effects.

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