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What is App Icon Badges? Unlocking the Benefits of Custom Badge Icons

Are you wondering what an app icon badge is? App icon badges are an innovative way for mobile app developers to keep users informed about the latest updates and messages. Get the scoop on how these powerful additions to your app icons can help keep your users engaged and informed!

Quick Summary

  Unlock the Benefits of Custom App Icon Badges: What Are They?

What is App Icon Badges? App icon badges are graphical elements used to visually signal a user interaction, event, or notification within an app. These badges are often called “notification dots”, “launcher badges” or “app badges” and are used to inform users of new information and draw attention to important features within an application.

Unlocking the Benefits of Custom Badge Icons Custom badge icons can provide users with quick and easy access to new information, helping them make the most of their time. App icon badges also ‘brand’ the app with a visual and interactive identity, creating an engaging interaction between the user and the app. Badge icons can also help improve user experience with feature-triggered in-app notifications, allowing users to easily and quickly see new features and dive into the app for deeper engagement.

What Are App Icon Badges?

App Icon Badges are small notifications that appear on an app icon to alert users about new updates and other relevant information. They are usually seen on the home screen of mobile devices like phones and tablets, but can also appear in other locations, such as within the app itself. Badge notifications feature a numeric or graphical representation of information, such as unread emails, reminders, and the number of new updates.

What Are the Benefits of Custom App Icon Badges?

Custom App Icon Badges can be a great way to help increase user engagement with an app. They are a useful tool for driving user interactivity, providing an easy-to-reference and prominent notification system, as well as giving your app a unique look and personality. Here are some of the benefits of incorporating custom app icon badges:

  • Increased Visibility: Custom badges are more attention-grabbing than standard notifications, as they appear on the homescreen rather than in the notification panel. This makes them much more visible, increasing the likelihood of users clicking them and checking out your app.
  • Content Variety: You can use custom App Icon Badges to provide a variety of content to users. For example, you can include the number of unread messages, the time of their last visit, the number of check-ins, or just about any other piece of information.
  • Brand Awareness: App Icon Badges offer an excellent opportunity to create and reinforce brand recognition. You can customize your badge with a unique logo or icon to emphasize your brand identity.
  • User Retention and Engagement: Badges can be used to re-engage users who don’t open your app often, by providing them with relevant information about new updates. This can help drive up usage and thus, user retention.

How Do I Incorporate Custom App Icon Badges?

Including custom App Icon Badges in your app is relatively straightforward. If you are using a popular Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) like Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud Platform (GCP), it is likely that these services offer an out-of-the-box feature to enable this. However, you can also build your own App Icon Badges system; you just need to make sure it is compatible with your platform of choice. You will also need to decide the type of data you want to display with your badge. This can include numerical data, such as unread messages or new comments, or graphical elements, like icons or logos. Once you have decided on the content, you will need to update it regularly to ensure that users have the latest information. Finally, it is important to consider the size and color of your badge, as this is key to making sure it stands out from the crowd.

Personal Experience

What do app badges tell you?

App icon badges are a visual indicator that an app has a notification waiting for the user. These badges are small icons (such as a number or an exclamation mark), which appear on top of the app’s icon when a new notification is available. For example, when a message is sent to the user via an app, an icon badge is highlighted on the app’s home screen. This helps the user quickly identify which app has a new notification, reducing the amount of time the user spends checking each app.

App icon badges can also be customized by app teams, allowing businesses to tailor the visuals to their branding and overall style. Designers must also account for different colors and offers that are associated with specific apps. By customizing their app’s icon badge, teams can make their app stand out from the competition. Furthermore, users can quickly determine if the notification is of importance to them, allowing for an easier and faster way to get information.

Notifications are just one example of using app icons badges. This feature can be used to inform users about new updates, offer discounts, alert customers about their subscription status, and increase their engagement with an app. App icon badges can also be used in marketing efforts, where a promotional message can be spread across app stores quickly and easily. Ultimately, this feature increases user engagement among apps and can help to increase revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do app badges tell you?

App badges inform the user that a certain app, or certain part of an app, has new content or notifications. For example, the App Store will display a badge when there are updates available for apps. In messaging apps, app badges can indicate the number of unread messages.Badges can also show information such as the number of items in a shopping cart, or the number of tasks that need to be completed.

Do I need app icon badges on?

No, you do not need app icon badges on. App icon badges are mainly used for notifications that can be easily noticed, such as for regular updates or to signify an alarm or alert. Depending on the type of notification, it may be more appropriate to use other methods such as a banner or a sound alert. It is ultimately up to you to decide what notifications are best suited for icon badges.

What do badges do in messages?

Badges in messages indicate the number of unread messages, usually represented as numbers or icons. They also serve as visual reminders of conversations that have been left open. Badges can be dismissed or reset by opening and reading the message they represent.

What is show app icon badges?

App notification badges, also known as app icon badges, are small dots or numbers that appear on a launcher icon in Android 8.0 (API level 26) and higher to indicate that the app has an active notification. They provide a quick visual of what needs to be addressed within the app.

What are app icon badges in Whatsapp?

App icon badges in WhatsApp are visual indicators on the app icon that show when there are unread notifications or messages waiting. The badge count indicates the number of new notifications or messages received. Badges can be seen on both Android and iOS devices.

What does disabling app icon badges do?

Disabling app icon badges prevents alert notifications on an app icon from showing. This feature can be used when certain notifications do not lend themselves to displaying on the app icon. By disabling app icon badges, the notifications will remain hidden from view.

How do I get my app icon to show notification numbers?

To get app icon to show notification numbers, go to Settings > Notifications > Advanced settings and turn on App icon badges. From there, notification numbers should be displayed on the App icon.

How do I get notifications to show numbers on Android?

To get app icon badges with numbers to show on Android, go to the Settings app > Notifications > App icon badges and select ‘Show with number’.

How do I get notifications to show up on icons?

To get notifications to show up on icons, open the Taskbar settings by pressing and holding or right-clicking an empty space on the taskbar. Under Taskbar corner icons, select ‘Select which icons appear on the taskbar’ and choose which icons you want to display. Finally, turn on the notifications you want to be shown on the icons.

How do you turn on number notifications?

To turn on number notifications from the My Numbers App, tap the Menu icon and then tap Settings. Next, tap Notifications and tap the Notification switch to enable the desired notification options.

What does badge app icon on or off mean?

Badge app icon on or off refers to a setting that allows users to see a badge with the number of unread new messages when the app icon is locked. When the badge app icon is turned ‘on’, a red notification badge with the number of unread new messages is displayed on the app icon. When it is turned ‘off’, no badge will be displayed. This setting is useful to keep notifications manageable and to easily identify when new messages are received.

How to enable or disable app icon badges on Android?

To enable or disable app icon badges on an Android device, open the Settings app and navigate to ‘Notifications.’ From there, toggle the switch next to ‘App Icon Badges’ to enable or disable the feature. Depending on the Android version, it may also be necessary to press the cog icon at the top-right to access more settings related to app icon badges.

What is the Red number on the app icon?

The red number on the app icon is a Badge App Icon. This notification is only available for apps running on iOS operating systems. Badge App Icons indicate the number of notifications the user has received from the app.

How to remove App Store icon badges?

To remove App Store icon badges, open the Settings app, tap on Notifications, and disable the App Icon Badges setting. This will hide any notifications or count of unread messages for the apps on your iPhone or iPad.

Final Thoughts

App icon badges can be an effective way to get a user’s attention and stand out in a crowded app store. Not only do they signal the existence of new messages or content, but they also serve as a way to personalize a brand and differentiate its app from its competitors. Therefore, customizing app icons with badges is a powerful, strategic tool that strengthens a brand’s loyalty and understanding among their users.


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