RAM Swap in and Swap out

What is Swap In and Swap Out?

In this article, you will read about the swapping process(swap in) on a computer. This process is happening every time on your computer, mobile, etc.

What is RAM?

Before discussing the swapping you need to know that what is RAM. RAM(Random Access Memory) is a volatile memory that stores the program till the computer is turned on. Files are moved from the secondary storage(HDD or SSD) to RAM and then to the processor.

What is Swap In?

When the program from the hard drive is transferred to the RAM, this process is called Swap In. This process is done by the operating system, it controls the swapping process. Operating System is swapped into RAM with the help of BIOS(Basic Input Output System). And when the processor takes the data from the RAM, this is called fetching.

Swap In and Swap Out
Process of Swapping

What is Swap Out?

When a program from the RAM is transferred to the hard drive, this process is called swap-in. This process is done by the operating system. The whole process is called swapping.


From this, we have concluded that swapping is a process that is running every time on your computer. When the data is transferred from the hard drive to the RAM this is called swap in and when the data from the RAM is transferred back to the hard drive, this is called swap-out.

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