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Where to Find Your IG Drafts: An Easy Guide

Having trouble finding your Instagram story drafts? Don’t despair – the answer to your query is just a few taps away in the Instagram app! With this helpful guide, you’ll be able to quickly locate your draft stories on Instagram 2022.

Quick Summary

  Where Are My IG Drafts? An Easy Guide to Finding them

Do you want to save an Instagram story but you’re not sure where to find it? If you’re looking for your Instagram story drafts, it’s easy to find. Here’s a quick guide to locating your drafts on Instagram 2022:

In the Instagram app, go to the Home tab and tap ‘Your story’ in the upper-left corner. On the ‘Add to story’ screen, you will find your drafts. Tap on ‘Drafts’, which is located next to the camera thumbnail. Your drafts will appear on the left side of the screen, showing the thumbnails of your Instagram stories. You can recall these drafts anytime by tapping on the thumbnail.

Finding your drafts is simple and straightforward. You can also edit and customize these drafts before posting them to your story. If you want to delete a draft, just hold down the thumbnail, select the option ‘Delete’, and confirm the deletion. You can also select multiple drafts and delete them simultaneously.

So now you know how to find your Instagram story drafts, save them or delete them. Just follow the simple steps mentioned above and instantly access your drafts. Post your drafts or keep them for later, it’s up to you.

Where Are My IG Drafts? An Easy Guide to Finding them

Finding your Draft Stories

Have you ever found yourself wanting to check back on something you started writing on Instagram, but can’t seem to find it? Well, there’s no need to worry, you can easily look for any drafts you might have stored away on IG using the following easy steps.

Steps for Locate Drafts on Instagram 2022:

  • Open the Instagram app and head over to the Home page, then tap ‘Your story’ found in the upper left corner.
  • On the ‘Add to story’ screen find, tap on ‘Drafts’ next to the camera thumbnail.
  • Finding Out On which device the Drafts were created:

    • If you’re on an iOS device, all your drafts will be stored in one location.
    • If you’re on an Android device, you’ll be able to see which device the drafts were created on.
    • Your drafts may also be stored on other platforms, such as your computer and other mobile devices. Be sure to check all your devices to ensure you don’t miss any.

    Tips for Finding Your Drafts:

    If you’re having trouble locating your drafts, try the following:

    • Double-check that the device you’re looking on is the same device you used to create the story draft.
    • Try switching to another device and searching again.
    • Make sure you’re searching the right folders—drafts can sometimes get lost in other folders.
    • If you’re still having trouble, try re-saving the draft.

    Personal Experience

    How do you find your draft requests on Instagram?

    I have often wondered “where are my ig drafts” when I have created stories on Instagram but haven’t posted them. As an expert in this field, I can assure you that finding your draft stories on Instagram is easy. All you need to do is open the Instagram app, head to the Home tab, and tap on the ‘Your story’ option in the upper-left corner. Then, on the ‘Add to story’ screen you can locate the ‘Drafts’ next to the camera thumbnail option. This will show you all your unsaved stories in one single place. It can be viewed and edited before it is published. So, finding your draft stories is easy and manageable.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you find your draft requests on Instagram?

    On Instagram, finding your draft requests is quick and easy. Step 1: On your profile, tap the “Guides” icon (the icon of a book) above your posts. Step 2: Tap the “Drafts” area at the top of the Guides tab. Step 3: Tap the draft Guide you want to continue working on. With these 3 steps, you can quickly access the drafts you need.

    Can other people see my draft in Instagram?

    No, other people cannot see your drafts on Instagram. Your drafts are only visible to you until you publish them. This helps you keep your content private until you are ready to share it with the world.

    How do you find drafts on Instagram 2022?

    The easiest way to find drafts on Instagram 2022 is to open the app, then tap at the top. From there, select Manage, and tap in the top right. From there, check the drafts you’d like to discard, then tap the bottom to discard them.

    Why won’t Instagram let me see my drafts?

    The drafts on your Instagram account may not appear if you take certain actions. These include logging out of the Instagram app or deleting the app entirely. As such, it is important to save your drafts in another place before making any changes to the app, as unsaved drafts will inevitably be lost. In short, Instagram won’t let you see your drafts because of potential app changes that can delete them.

    Can drafts be seen on Instagram by others?

    No, drafts cannot be seen on Instagram by others. Instagram has a feature that allows users to save posts that are still in the editing process. With this feature, users can keep their drafts saved without uploading them online for the public to view. This way, users can ensure that only the finished product can be seen online.

    Where are drafts on Instagram 2022?

    The location of drafts on Instagram in 2022 can be found by tapping the top of the Instagram app on Android. Then, tap Manage to the right of Drafts. Finally, tap in the top right to select the drafts you’d like to discard, then tap the bottom.

    How do I get to my drafts on Instagram 2021?

    To access your drafts on the Instagram app in 2021, first tap at the top of the app. Then, tap “Post.” Finally, tap “Drafts” below the post or video, and select the draft you want to post. This process should help you easily find and post your drafts.

    Why my drafts are not showing in Instagram?

    The drafts in your Instagram app may not be appearing for a few reasons. First, logging out of the Instagram app will delete your drafts. Additionally, if you delete the Instagram app from your device, your drafts will be lost. Finally, making any changes to the Instagram app could cause your drafts to disappear. Be sure to save your drafts before taking any action.

    Where are my Instagram drafts?

    “To find your Instagram drafts, open your Instagram app. Select the ‘+’ icon to create a post, then select ‘Drafts’ from the menu. Select the draft you created, and select next. With just a few steps, you can access your Instagram drafts quickly and easily.”

    Is it possible to draft Instagram reels before publishing them?

    Yes, it is possible to draft Instagram Reels before publishing them. Instagram Reels are 15-60 second video clips that have the option to add music, filters, stickers and other features. This makes it easy to create content for Instagram with a few clicks before officially posting your Reel.

    How do I view all of my drafts at once?

    To view all of your drafts at once, swipe up on your screen or tap the gallery icon at the bottom left corner. Then, scroll to the Drafts section and click on the ‘Manage’ button located at the top-right corner. This will show you a list of all of your story drafts, which you can scroll through or customize as desired.

    Final Thoughts

    Finding your drafts on Instagram has never been easier! By following the steps provided, you can quickly access your stories without having to go through any clutter. All it takes is a few taps and you are ready to perfect your story drafts and share them with friends. With this guide, you can get started building your stories right away.


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