where do audio messages save on iphone

Where Do Audio Messages Save on iPhone?

Want to know where audio messages are saved on your iPhone? Easily save and access audio messages on your iPhone with just a few taps!

Quick Summary

  Discover Where Audio Messages are Stored on iPhone

Audio messages on an iPhone are saved in the Messages app, which stores all messages and media that are sent and received. To check for audio messages, go to the Messages app and open the conversation with the contact the message was sent from or received from.

To listen to the audio message, open the conversation and tap the attachment icon that appears next to the message. To save the message, tap and hold the audio message until the ‘More…’ menu appears, then tap ‘Save’. Saved audio messages will appear in the Voice Memos app, which can be found in the main list of apps on your phone.

Where Do Audio Messages Save on iPhone?

iPhone users with the latest iOS version may find it somewhat challenging to locate audio messages they wish to listen to or share with others. Knowing where audio messages are stored can help make the task easier. Here’s how you can discover where audio messages are stored on iPhone.

Steps to Find the Location of Audio Messages

  • Open the Settings menu on the iPhone.
  • Navigate to the Messages menu and select it.
  • Look for the Audio Messages section and select it.
  • Look for the Keep Messages option and check if it is set to forever.
  • You can now find audio messages by going to the Audio Messages screen in the Messages app.
  • Additional Tips on Accessing Your Audio Messages

    • If you’re unable to locate your audio messages, make sure you’re logged into the same Apple ID used to send the messages.
    • Keep Messages set to forever will help you to find audio messages both on your iPhone and the iCloud.
    • If you have deleted audio messages, you may be able to access them for up to 30 days.
    • Sending or receiving audio messages does not cost anything and uses your phone plan’s SMS/MMS allowance.

    Personal Experience

    Where does iPhone audio text get saved to?

    I recently had a question from a friend about where do audio messages save on iPhone. I’ve had plenty of experience using my iPhone’s voice messaging feature time and time again, so I dove right into the answer.

    Audio messages sent via the Messages app on the iPhone will be stored and saved in the same folder as all other message attachments. You can access the folder by opening the Photos app and tapping the Albums tab at the bottom of the screen. Then simply scroll, or search for “Audio” or “Recordings” and you can see what’s stored there.

    However, the audio messages are going to be formatted differently from .mp3 or .wav files. You would need to use a third party application to listen to it or convert it, as it’s in a .m4a format. So, if you’re looking to transfer audio messages and share them with others, you’d first have to either send them as an email attachment or by another messaging program, such as WhatsApp, or use a file convertor such as Garageband.

    I hope my experience helps shed some light on where to locate audio messages on an iPhone. The process isn’t difficult, but it’s helpful to have a basic understanding of the layout and what type of formatting the audio messages are in.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where does iPhone audio text get saved to?

    On an iPhone running iOS 12 or later, audio text messages are saved to the Messages app. On earlier versions of iOS, they are stored in the Voice Memos app.

    Where do voice recordings go when you save them from Imessage?

    Voice recordings saved from iMessage are stored in the iMessage app, accessible through the ‘Messages’ tab. These voice recordings are stored as white speech bubbles with a play button, and can be played directly within iMessage. Additionally, users can long press the recording and share it with other contacts or save it to their camera roll.

    Can you tell when someone listens to your audio message on iPhone?

    Yes, you can tell when someone listens to your audio message on iPhone. When your message has been played, you will receive a notification. This will let you know that the recipient has listened to your audio message.

    Does it tell people when you keep an audio message?

    Yes, when you keep an audio message, the recipient sees a ‘Kept’ indicator showing that the message was saved. The indicator is visible to both the sender and the recipient and can be seen at the top of the message. This feature helps inform both parties which messages have been kept by the recipient.

    What happens when you keep an audio message?

    When you keep an audio message in a chat, it is saved and won’t expire. The word Kept will appear underneath the audio message to indicate that it has been saved. The message can then be played or deleted at any time.

    Do audio messages expire for the other person?

    Yes, audio messages do expire for the other person. After the message is received, it is automatically deleted two minutes after the recipient listens to it. However, the sender can choose to save the message by tapping the Keep option beneath the media file.

    How long does an audio message last?

    Audio messages in the Messages app typically last 2 minutes before being deleted. Users can extend the length of an audio message by previewing and then sending the message again. This can be done multiple times, allowing for audio messages of extended length.

    How long do unopened audio messages last?

    Audio messages received through the Messages app will expire within two minutes of being unopened. After two minutes, users won’t be able to listen to the audio unless the sender resends it. Messages sent by the users are also subject to the two-minute expiration timer. To listen to audio messages before they expire, users must open them within two minutes of receiving them.

    Final Thoughts

    Audio messages are a great tool for quickly sharing information when video or text simply won’t work. When saved on an iPhone, audio messages offer users an easy and convenient way to save, share and access audio messages from their device when needed. Many users appreciate the ability to save audio messages along with the other media on their phone, making it easier to quickly reference, listen to or share audio messages with others. Consequently, audio messages provide a great way to quickly get a message or idea across when other forms of communication may be more time consuming.


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