why cant i search music on ig

Why Can’t I Search Music on Instagram?

Have you ever wondered why you can’t search for music on Instagram? Not being able to search for music can be frustrating and confusing, but the solution may be simpler than you think! Whether you use the desktop website or mobile app, there are several fixes you can try if you find that Instagram music search isn’t working. From clearing your cache to re-opening your app, discovering why you can’t find the music you’re looking for is just a few steps away. Don’t let Instagram’s music search feature leave you frustrated any longer! Follow these simple troubleshooting steps and fix this problem instantly.

Quick Summary

Instagram search for music often does not work due to various technical issues. Generally, these issues are related to a limited selection of music tracks and an outdated music library. The library on Instagram is not updated as frequently as other music services and therefore the search will only yield limited results. Additionally, the lack of knowledge about artist-specific information can also be a major issue and result in the inability to locate certain tracks via Instagram search. Furthermore, connection troubles can also be a potential reason why one might not be able to search for music on Instagram. Poor network connection and/or slow internet can prevent the loading of the artist, album, or song info. Lastly, ensuring you have the most up to date version of the Instagram app can help prevent technical issues such as search not working.

Why Can’t I Find Music on Instagram? | A Guide to Troubleshooting Music Search on IG

Are you trying to search for music on Instagram, but the feature isn’t working? If you’re having trouble finding music on Instagram, you’re not alone. Many users have had similar issues when attempting to search for music on IG. In this guide, we’ll share some troubleshooting tips on why you may be having difficulty searching for music on Instagram.

1. Check for Server Issues

First and foremost, you’ll want to rule out any server issues as the cause of your problem. To do this, check if other features on the Instagram app are working properly. If they are not working as expected, then you may be dealing with a server issue. You can also head over to the Instagram Help Center to see if other users are experiencing similar issues.

2. Update the Instagram App

If you’re using an out-of-date version of the Instagram app, you may be having trouble finding music on Instagram. You can try updating the app to the latest version and see if that helps. To update the app, simply open the app store on your mobile device and search for “Instagram.” Once you find the app, you can update it to the latest version.

3. Search for Music in the Right Location

In some cases, you may be searching for music on Instagram in the wrong location. To find music on Instagram, open the ‘Search’ tab in the Instagram app. Under the ‘Explore’ tab, tap ‘Music’ and you should see the option to search for music. After tapping the music icon, type in the name of the artist or song you are looking for.

4. Make Sure Location Services are Enabled

Another possible cause for your troubles is that you don’t have Location Services enabled on your device. Instagram requires users to have Location Services enabled to use some of its features, such as music search. To enable Location Services, go to the Settings app on your device and make sure Location Services are enabled.

5. Check for Permissions for Music Search

Finally, make sure you have the necessary permissions for music search in the Instagram app. To do this, go to the app settings and make sure that the ‘Music Search’ option is toggled on. You may also need to provide access to your device’s microphone so that Instagram can access music on your device.


If you’re having trouble finding music on Instagram, try the tips outlined above. Check for server issues, update the Instagram app, search for music in the right location, enable Location Services, and make sure you have the correct permissions. Following these steps should help solve your problem and allow you to search for music on Instagram.

Personal Experience

Why does my Instagram not let me search music?

Frustrated by the Instagram music search not working? Here’s what you can do to fix it. First, check if your account is verified, as this will fix any search issues. If your account isn’t verified, try logging out, and then logging back in again to refresh the profile settings. Additionally, check if you have the latest app version installed and if you are connected to a good internet connection. If all of these steps don’t work, try re-opening the app itself– you may find that it’s simply outdated and needs refreshing. Finally, if none of these solutions help, contact the Instagram support team or look online for a potential solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my Instagram not let me search music?

Instagram may not be allowing you to search for music if your app is out of date, you’re logged out, or you’re using a Professional account. To resolve this issue, try updating the app, logging out and then back in, or switching from your Professional to a Personal account.

Why can’t i search for music on Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels does not support music from recording artists due to copyright issues. Business accounts are limited in their access to music, therefore not allowing users to search for music on Instagram Reels. To control copyright infringement, Instagram does not offer access to music from recording artists through its Reels platform.

What does no results found mean on Instagram?

No results found on Instagram means that the search query returned no results. This could indicate that the account or post being searched for does not exist, or that it is not publicly available. Additionally, it could mean that the profile is private and has not been made public by the user.

Why are some Instagram accounts not found?

In some cases, an Instagram account may not be found in a search due to the fact that it has been compromised and the username was changed. This can cause an account to become hidden or unavailable, making it difficult to locate in a search. To avoid this, it is important to keep a secure password, enable two-factor authentication, and report suspicious activity.

Does user not found mean blocked Instagram?

Yes, “User Not Found” can mean that the account has been blocked on Instagram. Blocking an account prevents the user from seeing photos, videos, and stories posted by the blocked person, as well as prevents them from seeing the blocked person’s profile. It also sends the blocked user a notification to let them know that they have been blocked.

How do you know if someone deleted their Instagram account or blocked you?

The easiest way to know is to search for the user’s name or profile picture on Instagram. If their profile does not appear or the profile is completely gone, it is possible that the account has been deleted, deactivated, or blocked. You can also check for any recent posts that disappeared which could be an indication that the account has been blocked. If you recently had an interaction with the person or profile and can no longer find it, it is likely that the profile has been blocked.

Why is Instagram music search not working?

Instagram Music Search not working can be caused by various factors, such as poor internet connection, the app not being updated, incompatible device models, and even Instagram’s inability to interpret specific music or audio files. Ultimately, it’s important to try multiple solutions, such as restarting your device or updating your app, in order to get the music search working again.

Why is my music library not working with my Instagram story?

The music library on Instagram may not be working with your story due to a few quick and simple fixes. Make sure your Instagram app is up to date, and if that doesn’t work, try logging out and back in again. If the issue still persists, contact Instagram support for more help.

Why doesn’t Instagram have all of the songs on their playlist?

The answer is because Instagram does not have the copyright licenses for all of the songs. Since copyright laws differ from country to country, Instagram must purchase the necessary licenses in each country where their app is used. This can be a time-consuming and costly process, and as such, not all songs may be available on their playlist.

Why is my song currently unavailable on Instagram?

The song may have been removed by the artist or it may not have been authorized by the copyright holder. It may also be temporarily unavailable due to maintenance or server issues. If none of these are the case and the song still appears unavailable, contact Instagram Support for further assistance.

Final Thoughts

With music being such an important part of our lives, it can be very frustrating when we are unable able to search for music on Instagram. Although re-opening the app, clearing the cache and storage data, and logging out of your account are all possible solutions that can help narrow down the cause of this issue, there is still no definitive answer as to why you cannot search music on Instagram. This can be very discouraging, however, it is important to remember that Instagram’s algorithm and required forms of authentication change over time. Thus, it is likely that the issue will resolve itself when the company updates their authentication system.


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