why won t my instagram post

Why Won’t My Instagram Post: Tips & Troubleshooting to Help You Resolve the Issue

Are you having trouble posting to Instagram? It could be related to a cache-related issue. Find out what you can do to troubleshoot and re-upload your photos and videos with ease!

Quick Summary

If you are suddenly unable to post on Instagram, one of the most likely causes is a cache-related issue. To troubleshoot this problem, users can update the Instagram app, clear the app cache, or switch to a different network. Updating the app ensures that you have the latest features that Instagram offers and can also resolve any existing bugs. Clearing the app cache removes corrupted files that could be the source of the problem, allowing the app to start fresh. Changing networks can help to identify whether the issue is related to a specific bad connection. By following these steps, you can fix a “won’t post” issue on Instagram.

Troubleshoot “Why Won’t My Instagram Post”? Tips to Resolve the Issue

Problem: Instagram Won’t Let You Post Photos or Videos

Having trouble getting your Instagram post to upload? Before you get too frustrated, there are a few things you can try. It’s important to remember that Instagram has millions of users, so their servers can sometimes get clogged, or your own network or phone can be the culprit preventing you from getting your post up.

Cache-related Issue?

One common reason for people suddenly not being able to post on Instagram is when the Instagram app has a cache-related issue. When the app’s cache becomes too full, it can prevent you from uploading content.

Tips to Resolve the Issue

  • Update the Instagram app
  • Clear the app cache
  • Switch your network before re-uploading
  • Try using a different device
  • Check your Internet connection

These are just a few of the things you can try if you’re having trouble posting to Instagram. It’s always best to troubleshoot the issue before getting too frustrated and giving up. Try one of the tips above and see if you can get your content posted on Instagram.

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Personal Experience


I recently had an issue where my Instagram posts wouldn’t work. After doing some research, I realized that it was due to a cache-related issue with the Instagram app. I tried a few different things to fix the problem. Firstly, I updated the Instagram app on my phone. Secondly, I cleared the cache on my phone. Lastly, I switched my network, in case an old internet connection was the cause. After making the changes, I was able to successfully post on Instagram again.

These are some potential solutions to the problem “why won’t my Instagram post work?” The first and most important step is to make sure your Instagram app is up-to-date. If that doesn’t solve the issue, and you’re still not able to post on Instagram, try clearing the app cache or switching your network before re-uploading. In my experience, these helpful steps are often the reason behind why Instagram won’t post.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I ask Questions on Instagram story?

The latest question sticker feature on Instagram is not yet available for all users. It is randomly distributed, so users have to wait for the feature to become available. Unfortunately, until then you won’t be able to ask questions in an Instagram story.

How can I promote my Instagram ads without Facebook?

Promoting an Instagram ad without Facebook is possible, through organic methods like optimizing hashtags and captions to increase visibility, targeting niche influencers to increase reach, responding to followers to generate engagement, and running contests and giveaways. These strategies have been proven to increase engagement and ultimately help grow your Instagram presence without the use of Facebook.

Why is my Instagram not letting me promote my post?

It is likely that your Instagram is not letting you promote your post because you are not using a professional account. To advertise on Instagram, you must have a professional account. If you are not the admin of your Facebook Page, you also may not have permission to promote posts on Instagram.

Why do I need a Facebook page to promote on Instagram?

A Facebook page is required to promote content on Instagram because it allows businesses to reach their customers in multiple places across the Facebook ecosystem. With a Facebook page, businesses can promote their posts from influencers as Branded Content Ads across the entire Facebook network, making their posts more visible and accessible, even on platforms such as Messenger Stories and Facebook Marketplace. In this way, businesses can maximize the reach of their influencer posts, making them more effective for achieving their marketing goals.

What happens when you get a warning on Instagram?

When a user on Instagram gets a warning, it means that the content they are about to view has been flagged for containing sensitive content. It is a preventative measure to help protect users from seeing posts that could be considered offensive. As such, the warning acts as a reminder that one should proceed with caution when viewing such posts.

How many warnings before Instagram deletes your account?

Instagram will typically issue warnings before deletion of an account. The number of warnings and type of violation can vary, but typically after too many warnings an account will be deleted. To avoid account deletion, it is important to adhere to all terms and conditions of Instagram’s policies.

Will my Instagram account be deleted if I get a warning?

Yes, your Instagram account may be deleted if you receive a warning from Instagram. Instagram has a strict set of guidelines and those who violate any may find their accounts suspended or removed completely. Everyone is advised to read their guidelines carefully and to make sure to follow them in order to keep their accounts safe and secure.

How long do warnings last on Instagram?

Warnings on Instagram last for a period of one year. After this time period, they expire and can no longer be seen. It is important to be mindful of any rules or regulations in order to ensure a smooth experience on the platform.

How to fix Instagram not posting on Instagram?

If Instagram is not posting your content, first look for the Instagram app and update it. If this does not solve the problem, try to post again and see if it works. If not, try posting with a different account.

Why can’t I post photos or videos on Instagram?

The answer is: You cannot post photos or videos on Instagram due to Instagram’s community guidelines. To protect its users, Instagram has strict policies that govern the content shared on its platform. Photos or videos that go against these guidelines are not allowed on Instagram.

Why can’t I comment on Instagram?

If you are unable to comment on Instagram posts, it could be because the user has disabled comments for the post, or because you have a connection issue. If you can’t comment on any posts, chances are it’s due to an issue with your connection. To prevent users from liking a photo, there is no way to do this on Instagram.

Why is Instagram not working?

Instagram may not be working due to an issue with your device or network, an outage in your area, or a server-side issue on the app’s end. Before attempting to troubleshoot your issue, check if Instagram is down in your region and ask your friends or family if they’re having trouble as well. If your problem doesn’t seem to be related to an outage, try checking your WiFi/data connection and reporting an issue if necessary.

Final Thoughts

If your Instagram post isn’t going through, it can be a stressful issue. Thankfully, there are quite a few troubleshooting steps you can take to potentially resolve this issue. Most of these steps revolve around updating the app, clearing the app code, and switching your network. If you’ve tried doing these and the issue still persists, then it might be time to reach out to customer service.


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