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Will iMessages Deliver if Blocked? An Expert Guide to Understanding iPhone Messages Delivery

Are you wondering if iMessage will deliver if you or someone you’re messaging has blocked you? Find out the answer here!

Quick Summary

  Can iMessages be Delivered if Blocked? What iPhone Users Need to Know

When someone blocks you, iPhone Message (iMessage) will not deliver. This means that neither you nor the blocked person will receive delivery notifications when they message each other using iMessage. Instead, the message will remain as sent but will not be delivered. Knowing whether a message has been delivered can become confusing and can lead to misunderstanding. To avoid this, it is important to know whether or not a message has been blocked.

If someone blocks you, you will never receive a notification about their messages. Additionally, any sent messages will remain unsent, so neither you nor the blocked person will see a “Delivered” notification. This can lead to questions such as – Will iMessages deliver if blocked? The answer to this question is no – iMessages will not deliver if blocked.

The same rule applies to the person who has been blocked. When they message you, the message will remain sent but there will be no delivery notification. This can cause confusion and can lead to misunderstandings and even arguments. To avoid this, it is important to understand the workings of iMessages, i.e. the delivery and blocking of messages. If you are blocked, the message will remain sent but will not be delivered.

In summary, if you or someone else has blocked you, iPhone Messages (iMessages) will not deliver to either of you. Knowing how to determine if someone has blocked you is essential in order to avoid misunderstanding and confusion. Hopefully, this guide will help you better understand the delivery and blocking of iPhone Messages.

Can iMessages be Delivered if Blocked? What iPhone Users Need to Know

Knowing is Half the Battle

If there’s one thing that iPhone users have come to rely on, it’s the message feature offered by the popular iMessage app. iMessage users have the ability to talk to those they know without having to use another messaging app, however, the question is, can iMessages be delivered if blocked?

Insight into the Issue

The answer to this question is a resounding no. It is not possible for a person who has blocked you to receive a delivery notification when they use iMessage. Furthermore, if someone has blocked you and attempts to send you a message with iMessage, you too will not receive any sort of delivery report.

Some Considerations

  • If a person has blocked you, iMessage will not send any sort of delivery notification.
  • Additionally, when someone blocks you and tries to send you a text with iMessage, you won’t receive any delivery reports either.
  • iPhone users may experience difficulty staying in contact with those who have blocked them via iMessage.

More on the Matter

Though it is a concerning issue, the absence of delivery reports or notifications when it comes to a person who has blocked you is a bit understandable. It makes sense that those who take the time to block someone would not want to keep receiving notifications every time that person to tries to reach out.

Personal Experience

My personal experience with iMessage delivery when blocked is that it does not work. When I blocked someone, I also noticed that when they tried to send me a message, I wouldn’t get any indication that the message was being sent or that it had been delivered. As a result, I was unable to see any delivery reports. I also wasn’t able to send the person a message, as I hadn’t unblocked them. I’ve found that this is a common issue among iMessage users – when someone blocks another person, neither messages are able to be sent or received. This is why it is important to be aware of the potential consequences of blocking someone when using iMessage, as it can have an unexpected effect on communication.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my iMessages show up as delivered if the person has blocked me?

The answer to the question is yes. If you send an iMessage to someone who has blocked you, the message will still show up as delivered, but it will not reach the recipient.They will also not be able to see that you have sent the message. As a result, the recipient will not be able to view or respond to your message.

When someone blocks you on iPhone do messages still deliver?

Yes, messages will still deliver if someone blocks you on iPhone. However, you won’t see the message as delivered or any read receipts for that message. Instead, the message you sent will appear as a blue bubble with no delivery notification beneath it. This is a sure sign that the user has blocked you.

What happens when someone you blocked tries to iMessage you?

When someone you blocked tries to iMessage you, their message won’t go through and won’t receive any notification that they’re blocked. You won’t receive the message, and you can’t respond to it. Blocking a contact on iMessage means no communication between both parties.

Do blocked messages get delivered when unblocked?

No. Blocked messages do not get delivered when unblocked. Once the person is unblocked, the first time they send something afterwards will be received. Messages sent while they were blocked will not be received.

Can an iMessage be delivered but not received?

Yes, an iMessage can be delivered but not received. This is because the “Delivered” status in the iPhone Messages app simply means that the message was delivered to Apple’s servers. It does not mean that the message was received by phone or read by the user. Consequently, even if a message is marked as “Delivered”, the message may not actually be received by the user.

Why does it say delivered on iMessage but they respond?

Answer: The recipient has not turned on “Read Receipt” in their settings on iMessage, which is why it may say delivered but not read. A delivered message still allows the recipient to respond, but not view if it has been read by the sender. To enable a “Read Receipt” notification, the recipient must turn this feature on in their iMessage settings.

Do blocked iMessages show as delivered?

Yes, blocked iMessages show as delivered. When someone blocks you, your message will still appear to be sent normally; the recipient will not know that you have tried to message them. Additionally, the iMessage will still show as “Delivered” despite not actually being delivered to the intended recipient.

What does it look like when you send an iMessage to someone who blocked you?

When you send an iMessage to someone who has blocked you, the blue bubble will not appear. Instead, the message will be sent as an SMS in a green bubble. This indicates that the message was not sent through iMessage and the user has blocked you. As a result, the user will be unable to receive any messages sent through iMessage.

How do I know if an iMessage user blocked me?

Answer: To know if an iMessage user has blocked you, check the bubble color of their messages. If it is not blue, then they have likely blocked you from sending messages over iMessage. Note that they may not have blocked your number altogether, but only prevented you from sending messages through iMessage. You should confirm with the user if they have blocked you.

What does it look like when someone blocked you on iMessage?

When someone blocks you on iMessage, the messages you send them will appear as green bubbles. Normally, iMessage messages appear as blue bubbles, so a green bubble indicates that the message is being sent as a regular text message and can be an indicator that you have been blocked. Depending on your device settings, you may not receive any notification that the contact has blocked you. Additionally, the contact’s name will not show up in your conversations list for messages sent after the block has occurred.

How do you tell if someone blocked you on iMessage without texting or calling?

If you are trying to figure out if someone has blocked you on iMessage without texting or calling, you can tell by looking at the status of the messages sent. If the status doesn’t show “Delivered” or update to “Read” if read receipts are enabled, it could be a sign that you have been blocked. Another way to tell is if you don’t receive a reply to your messages, even if they were delivered, as this could indicate that you have been blocked as well.

Can you see if someone has notifications silenced if you re blocked?

No, you cannot see if someone has notifications silenced if you have been blocked. When you have been blocked, the other user is unable to see any information about you, including whether notifications are silenced. Blocking numbers is a feature that removes access to each other’s chat, call, and account information. For more information, please refer to the article provided.

How do I tell if someone blocked you on iMessage?

The most reliable way to tell if someone has blocked you on iMessage is to check your iMessage delivery notifications. If you can’t see any delivery notifications when you send a message, it may be a sign that they’ve blocked you. Another sign to look out for is that your iMessage goes from a blue left-hand bubble to a green one. This means your message is being sent as an SMS instead, which could mean a block. Finally, if you can no longer see them as a contact in the Messages app, it’s a sign that they have blocked you.

How to tell if someone blocked you on iMessage?

The quickest and most direct way to check if someone has blocked you on iMessage is by sending them a text on the iMessage app. You can also send them a standard SMS to check. Lastly, make sure to check your own blocked list if you suspect someone has blocked you.

Why does my iMessage not say delivered?

iMessage may not say “delivered” due to the device being in an “Active Do Not Disturb mode”, the iMessage service being unavailable, or because the recipient has blocked the sender. To determine the issue, take a look at the device settings and if need be, reach out to the recipient directly.

What does it mean when iMessage doesnt say delivered?

When iMessage doesn’t say delivered, it means the message has not been sent to the recipient’s device successfully. There are several reasons why this can occur, such as if the recipient has turned off their phone or does not have an active internet connection. To ensure messages are sent, it is important to double-check the recipient’s availability and their connection to a working internet network.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, when someone blocks you on iMessage, you will not receive any delivery notifications. This also applies if someone has blocked you and they are sending iMessage from their iPhone. It is important to remember that when someone has blocked you, you will no longer receive any messages from them nor will you be able to send messages to them. As such, it is important to be mindful of communication between you and the person who has blocked you.


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