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Activate YouTube Dark Mode on Your PC

Experience YouTube in a whole new way with dark mode PC: a sleek, modern design that’s easier on the eyes and reduces eyestrain during long viewing sessions.

Quick Summary

  Enable YouTube Dark Mode on PC: Learn How

Activating dark mode on YouTube is easy on your PC. First, open and click on the profile icon located at the top right-hand corner of the screen. Then click on the “Dark theme” tab in the box that appears. Select “activate” and YouTube will be switched to the new dark mode — all in a couple of clicks! Dark mode works across all devices, and is an effective way of saving battery power and providing a more comfortable viewing experience if you’re browsing at night.

Dark mode is available across all devices. On the desktop version of YouTube, you can access dark mode by clicking the profile icon and selecting “Dark theme” in the pop-up box. On mobile, you can access dark mode by tapping the “More” section in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen and then selecting “Dark theme”. In both cases, once dark mode is activated, the screen will automatically switch to the dark mode theme in a few seconds.

Enable YouTube Dark Mode on PC: Learn How

YouTube dark mode is a feature that turns the video-sharing website’s standard white background into a dark grey or black. The feature has been available on mobile devices for some time, and its now available on ****>

How to Enable YouTube Dark Mode on PC?

  • Open a web browser on PC.
  • Go to the YouTube website. Log in to your account if not done.
  • Go to the top right corner and click on the profile icon.
  • Select the “Dark Theme” option.

That is it; you have successfully enabled YouTube dark mode on your desktop. Now let us look at the benefits of YouTube Dark Mode.

Benefits of YouTube Dark Mode

  • More Discrete Night Browsing – The dark background blends perfectly with the light colors.
  • Less Distractive Interface – Watching videos can be more immersive and enjoyable.
  • Better Battery Life – Disabling the white backlight can improve the battery life of your laptop.
  • Eye Comfort- Using dark mode for a long time can be less stressful for the eyes.
  • Personal Experience

    How do I force YouTube to dark my computer?

    A couple of months ago, I was looking for a way to make my YouTube experience more comfortable for my eyes and stumbled upon YouTube Dark Mode for PC. When I enabled it, I was quite impressed – the layout changed to a black background, making the text and videos more readable. I also found that I could now easily access more content, such as night mode trending videos and dark mode comments. The overall effect was very calming, and I discovered that it allowed me to focus on the content more than when using the regular version of the website.

    Since then, I’ve found that YouTube Dark Mode for PC looks great on all devices and has become my preferred way to browse through YouTube’s content. The experience is much more pleasant and engaging as it’s easier on my eyes in comparison with the classic light version. Further, I notice that the website runs smoother and is less distracting, leading me to stay focused on videos and comments made by users.

    I’d definitely recommend the dark mode feature for YouTube since it has improved the experience I have had with the website. It makes content much easier to read and more pleasant to watch. I’m sure that after trying this feature, you will never want to switch back to the classic light version. Give it a shot and you won’t regret it!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I force YouTube to dark my computer?

    To force YouTube to darken your computer, follow these steps: 1) Click your profile picture; 2) Click Appearance; 3) Select ‘Dark theme’ to use the dark theme setting, or turn on Light theme or Use device theme.

    Why do users prefer dark mode?

    Users prefer dark mode because it reduces eye strain, makes reading easier in low light, and helps them fall asleep faster. Dark mode makes screens look more inviting and less harsh, reducing glare for better visibility. The darker tones on the screen also helps users conserve battery life, extending the time between charges.

    Do users want dark mode?

    Yes, users prefer dark mode, according to research from Android Authority and Polar. 91.8% of Android Authority’s participants and 95% of Polar’s participants said they would prefer dark mode. Dark mode is a popular, user-friendly feature as it increases visibility and helps reduce eye strain.

    Is dark mode better for your eyes?

    Yes, dark mode can be better for your eyes. It reduces the overall brightness and glare on your screen, making it easier to view in low-light environments. Additionally, it can help reduce eye strain, as it reduces the amount of work your eyes need to do in order to focus on the screen.

    How many people use dark mode on Mac?

    Approximately 7.5% of Apple Mail users on MacOS prefer Dark Mode. This percentage of individuals represents a significant portion of the Mac user base. Consequently, the answer to the question ‘How many people use dark mode on Mac?’ is that a sizable number of people choose to enable it on their Apple Mail app.

    Do most people use dark mode?

    Yes, most people use dark mode. According to a survey of 250 people, over 82% stated that they use dark mode for its elegant and beautiful design, or for its ease on the eyes. Dark mode has become increasingly popular for its potential for improved readability and reflection of user preferences.

    Is there dark mode for YouTube on iPad?

    Yes, there is a dark mode for YouTube on iPad. To activate it, go to Settings > General > Appearance and select Use Device Theme to use your iPad’s dark theme setting. Further, turn on the light or dark theme within the YouTube app.

    Why do so many people use dark mode?

    Dark mode offers numerous advantages for people who use their device in low light conditions. It reduces eye strain due to reduced brightness and glare and makes it easier to focus on text. Additionally, using dark mode helps to conserve battery life on devices with OLED screens, like Apple’s iPhone and iPad. Many people find dark mode easier on their eyes, providing a more comfortable experience when using their devices.

    How do I permanently turn on YouTube dark mode?

    To permanently turn on YouTube Dark Mode, go to the main YouTube page and select your profile picture in the top right corner. Then select ‘Dark Mode’ from the drop-down menu. After that, make sure you select ‘On’ under the ‘Always use Dark Theme’ setting. Finally, click ‘Save’ to confirm the change and you will now permanently have YouTube Dark Mode enabled.

    How do I make YouTube darker without signing in?

    To enable Dark Mode on YouTube without signing in, click the menu button (three vertical dots) on the top right of the page. Select the ‘Appearance: Device Theme’ option and toggle to ‘Dark.’ This will enable Dark Mode on the page, giving YouTube a more cinematic feel.

    Final Thoughts

    Dark mode is a great feature to have on your PC. It helps reduce eye strain, is easier to look at in low-lighting, and even helps extend your battery life. Enabling Dark Mode on YouTube on your PC is quick and easy, and can provide numerous benefits for your experience. With the combination of improved aesthetics, better visibility, and potential power-saving, activating YouTube dark mode is a great decision for improving your online experience.


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